StudyVET is the No.1 online study platform targeted towards preparing Veterinary students for competitive exams like ICAR PG entrance and  UPSC exams


 ..Three Options to Choose From..

Animal Sciences

  • Includes 12 Major Subjects45 days AccessPerfect for ICAR Animal Sciences Exam Preparation

Veterinary Sciences

  • Includes 12 Major Subjects45 days AccessPerfect for ICAR Veterinary Sciences Exam Preparation

Complete Package

  • Veterinary & Animal Sciences60 days AccessPerfect for UPSC, State Veterinary University Master’s Exams

Quizzes are based on the  VCI syllabus.Questions are critically evaluated through a peer reviewed process before uploading to impart the end user current & comprehensive knowledge on the subject. Every week new questions are getting added to the pool. The choice is YOURS. Select StudyVET and Shine in your exams .

Comprehensive Explanatory Texts

Detailed answer explanations for every question to help you comprehensively understand not just which answer is correct but why other choices are incorrect

Written by Prominent Specialists

Content is written by specialists and educators in the field with fresh material added regularly

Peer Reviewed Contents

Content peer-reviewed and sent through a rigorous copy editing process to ensure accuracy

Timed Exams & Progress Tracking

Answer choices are randomized to avoid memorization.Timed exams allow time management to be practiced

Continuous Updates & Support: You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

Our #1 priority is you, the user. Questions are added every week, to impart new concepts and knowledge to the students.